Emily’s Winter Senior Session!

Emily’s Winter Senior Session!

Emily is a Senior at Bethel High School, in Tipp City, Ohio.  She plans on being a game designer and has the smarts to do it.  We got a rare, sunny day a few weeks ago and went to the Hayner Cultural Center, in Troy, Ohio for her photos.  The Hayner is a treasure for a photographer–it’s got tons of window light, great places to pose and a really nice garden and verandas.  There wasn’t snow on the ground but it was about 10° outside, so a warm and sunny place to photograph was ideal.Yah, what are you looking at?


Storyboard Magazine is ready!

Storyboard Magazine 2014  is ready, finally.  Whew!  After more crises than a barrel of monkeys let loose with a room full of typewriters, we finished it.  This is the first time we’ve taken our typical album style and reworked it into a magazine.  It was more than just work, we had to get an editorial mindset on, figuring how to tell the story of the musical at Troy Christian Schools in photoessays.  Chasing, chasing and pleading with students to return biographies (not gonna catch them all).  Narrowing thousands and thousands of photos into categories, picking the very best and preparing them for print on a new medium–the magazine.

Here’s a sneak peek at the magazine–the final copy is 94 pages of glossy goodness.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I held that proof copy in my hands for the first time.  Hopefully you don’t find some glaring error like misspelling my own last name!

Hugs to all,


TCS 2014 Storyboard web FINAL

Finished with high school musical, moving onto wedding season

We wrapped up the final edits and uploads from the high school musical for Troy Christian Schools.  This year was the Disney musical, Beauty and the Beast.  Our son played the character of Mssr. D’Arque, the sanatorium director.  It was a great time doing both the cast photos and candids from the musical dress rehearsals and performances.  We made up a keepsake print for the families and put together packages for common items for orders (like buttons, wallets, etc.)


We waiting to see if it makes sense for us to do this again until after purchasing dies down.  Renting gear was a big chunk of the cost for this event, but we always enjoy the show and even working behind the stage doesn’t ruin the theatrical magic. (more…)


The Blandy Experimental Farm and Virginia State Arboretum, Winchester, VA


Spring has come and the delicate flowers of the field are out!  The Blue Ridge mountains were gorgeous this last week.  Dogwoods, tulip trees, violets and tulips were everywhere.  It was hard to make a bad photo at the Arboretum, but I tried.  Of the hundreds I took, I did throw away three.  🙂


Busy week ahead.  Photographing the high school musical for my son’s school.  Beauty and the Beast.  Lots of fun.  Took cast photos two weeks ago and now the performances are up.  Went to the dress rehearsal today and had a good time snapping shots of the behind the scenes work that makes a musical actually work.


More to come!


Beauty & the Beast

Our son’s high school is doing the Disney musical, Beauty and the Beast and we’re taking the cast and performance photos!  We’re excited to be doing the cast photos this week.  This is the first time we’ve done a school photo shoot so we’re trying to make it all go smoothly.  We’ll be shooting straight to hard drive and should have the galleries online by the 10th of April.

One of the things I am most excited about is bringing online ordering to the school photo world.  I have heard a lot of comments from parents along the lines of “Wow, I love that we’ll be able to see the photos before we order!”  I am amazed that more studios don’t do this.  It is easier for both me and the families to see what you are getting before you order.  That’s one reason we invest so much into our online store, to give us the capacity, convenience and security of online orders.

We’ll be doing a photo collage of the entire cast and each student into an 8×10″ print too.  Think of the typical school collage photo, but with our style of creativity and design.  That really means Linnea’s creativity and design, since she is our Photoshop ninja.  I’m just a camera driver.  🙂

I put together some packages to bundle common photos and gifts together.  We went with names from the musical, so there’s The Beast, The Guest and The Villager.  

We’re also shooting the performances and rehearsals to build a Performance Album.  We showed this off at the musical kickoff and got rave reviews.  The tough thing is the cost.  It costs us a lot to get them printed and unless we go with a small print house (which drives up the cost more) we don’t get a break on cost unless we get silly quantities ordered.  I hope the photos make everyone proud of their kids, but also hope to make it available to as many as possible.  We’re still looking at printers to find the best price to offer the best deal to our clients.

Here are some shots from last years’ musical, The Wiz, which I shot just for fun.  Not saying that this years’ won’t be fun though!

Dorothy from 'The Wiz', from the Troy Christian School's spring musical, 2012

The Tin Woodsman from the musical, 'The Wiz'.  Troy Christian School's spring musical, April 2012.


The Wizard of Oz, from the Troy Christian School's spring musical, 'The Wiz'.  April 2012.