Emily’s Winter Senior Session!

Emily’s Winter Senior Session!

Emily is a Senior at Bethel High School, in Tipp City, Ohio.  She plans on being a game designer and has the smarts to do it.  We got a rare, sunny day a few weeks ago and went to the Hayner Cultural Center, in Troy, Ohio for her photos.  The Hayner is a treasure for a photographer–it’s got tons of window light, great places to pose and a really nice garden and verandas.  There wasn’t snow on the ground but it was about 10° outside, so a warm and sunny place to photograph was ideal.Yah, what are you looking at?


Spring photos from Madison’s senior session

Last year Ashley suggested to me that we do a season senior session (speaking of which, it’s Spring Ashley!) and I thought it was a cool idea.  Spread photos across the seasons…but this winter was WAY cold.  So I think we skipped the snow.

Her good friend Madison thought this was a cool idea too so we did Autumn photos and now Spring.  I just found out today that Madison is starting at Wittenberg next Fall, studying special education.   Way to go girl!

We went out today in the beautiful spring weather and got a ton of great photos.  Plus, Linnea came with me and took a whole bunch of shots too.  Don’t tell her, but I think she’s really starting to like this photography thing.  She got some great candid shots of Madison while she was focused on my camera.  Good shooting lady!


Madison's senior photos

This fish keeps showing up in my photos in Tipp City.  I think I finally nailed the right angle.  Now I can move on. (more…)

Ashley’s Senior portraits

Here’s Ashley’s session from this week.  She’s a talented musician and amazing person.  I saw her make Minions on her fingernails using paint and polish–cool stuff.  We’re doing a Summer, Fall & Winter session for her, so stay tuned for more.


Ashley, senior portrait, high schoolAshley, senior portrait, high school (more…)