Madison’s Senior portraits

Fall is a fantastic time of the year for photographs outdoors.  Every portrait photographer I know is using every minute of the fleeting days to get beautiful light on people and gorgeous colors to make memories.  It’s a wonderful time, full of light and bright colors celebrating the end of another year.  Like fireworks in the forests and fields, before the dark of winter.  Wow, that sounds kinda pretentious.


Ashley’s Senior portraits

Here’s Ashley’s session from this week.  She’s a talented musician and amazing person.  I saw her make Minions on her fingernails using paint and polish–cool stuff.  We’re doing a Summer, Fall & Winter session for her, so stay tuned for more.


Ashley, senior portrait, high schoolAshley, senior portrait, high school (more…)

Birdie and Jon’s wedding

A week ago we got to photograph the wedding of this cute couple.  Birdie is all of 5′ something and Jon is 6’+ but they remind me a grandmother saying “getting along like a house on fire”.  Don’t know why that is, but these two kept me smiling all afternoon.

We just went over their photos tonight and here are some for your enjoyment.

Birdie the bride

Their kiss



End of evening over the Tuleyries

I was chasing a bumblebee when I saw this view of the Tuleyries Farm, in the Blue Ridge mountains.  The farm is next door to the Virginia State Arboretum, near Winchester, Virginia.  Many moons ago, the Blandy family gifted the state of Virginia some land to be a boys school in agriculture.  Today it’s the Blandy Experimental Farm and state Arboretum.  Many moons ago, perhaps as many as the Blandy Farm land exchange, the Tuleyries Farm had the foresight to keep the house and land intact so that I could take this photo.  🙂


It’s a 1/125 a second at f/9, ISO 100.  I converted it to a black & white in Lightroom v.4 and did a little tweaking with exposure also.

A folly on the Tuleyries Farm, Winchester, Virginia. Taken in Spring, 2013.


The Blandy Experimental Farm and Virginia State Arboretum, Winchester, VA


Spring has come and the delicate flowers of the field are out!  The Blue Ridge mountains were gorgeous this last week.  Dogwoods, tulip trees, violets and tulips were everywhere.  It was hard to make a bad photo at the Arboretum, but I tried.  Of the hundreds I took, I did throw away three.  🙂


Busy week ahead.  Photographing the high school musical for my son’s school.  Beauty and the Beast.  Lots of fun.  Took cast photos two weeks ago and now the performances are up.  Went to the dress rehearsal today and had a good time snapping shots of the behind the scenes work that makes a musical actually work.


More to come!