Sadly, there is no snow here other than what is hiding in the Northern shadows.  Nothing forecasted either.  But, my cousin Bill is in Boston and just got socked in by N’oreaster Nemo and he’s posting photos like mad on Facebook, so I figured I’d pull this one out and brag while I can.  At our house after a heavy snow, in TIpp City, Ohio

This is from January 2009, when we got a foot of snow.  I retired from the Air Force in 2008 and we had been in Thistle House for just a little bit more than a year.  Love the snow.  I have never, ever, ever got ‘too much’ snow.

The Land Rover is parked in it’s usual spot.  Right now I have to figure out where the clutch fluid is going where it’s not supposed to.  Then Babe the Blue Box will be back on the road.

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