Sean’s senior session


It’s past time for Sean (my youngest son) to have his portraits done.  Between one thing and another on my schedule and his schedule, we just have not got it done.  Yesterday we ran out into the sunshine and took some shots.

It’s tough to get your own kids to relax in front of the camera and maybe even harder to get them to be natural.  Sean’s a good sport and let me see real emotion.  I have to turn in his photos for the senior slideshow at his high school (Troy Christian High School) and now begins the search for a good baby picture to embarrass him with.



Chilling at the water.  This was a new park for me to shoot at.  Other than the easy access to water, I think it’s fairly blah.  No offense meant, Miami County Parks.  It was just not that interesting for photography.  Check it out at  Miami County Parks.


Behind The Hotel Gallery in Tipp City, Ohio.  Hidden little gem of a micro park and private party space.


The obligatory shot on 2nd Street.

Apr14SeanSenior-99 Apr14SeanSenior-162

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