People are people first, not customers or vendors

One of the weird things with starting a business is that everyone gets moved into new categories.  Friends and people you casually know become ‘clients’ and the people you buy things from are now ‘vendors’.  It’s really unsettling to a people person like me (Gene).   I have always been the ‘human ear’ (it’s my true superpower), able to listen to people and ask relevant questions to their life.  Now, I have to filter the entrepreneurial drive and remind myself that people are people.  No one wants to be treated like a customer or sales clerk–we want real, human interaction.  I hang up on all robo-calls, even ones legit, because I want to talk to humans, not robots.  Trust me, I’m a geek, I love the idea of robots doing the boring stuff, like building things, but I want to talk to people.

So if I ever treat someone like a client or a vendor, call me on it.

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