Madison’s Senior portraits

Fall is a fantastic time of the year for photographs outdoors.  Every portrait photographer I know is using every minute of the fleeting days to get beautiful light on people and gorgeous colors to make memories.  It’s a wonderful time, full of light and bright colors celebrating the end of another year.  Like fireworks in the forests and fields, before the dark of winter.  Wow, that sounds kinda pretentious.

Moving past my soliloquizing.  Madison is a Senior at Tecumseh High School, in Springfield, Ohio.  We went out to Carriage Hill Metropark, in Huber Heights, Ohio, for her Fall photos.  Madison just got accepted to Wittenberg University the week after her photos.  Way to go Madison!  Woot!

Here’s some of the picks from her session.  Can’t wait to show her the rest.

Madison in Fall lightFalling leavesLate sun on wall and MadisonSitting on the walkMadison wearing her scarf

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