End of evening over the Tuleyries

I was chasing a bumblebee when I saw this view of the Tuleyries Farm, in the Blue Ridge mountains.  The farm is next door to the Virginia State Arboretum, near Winchester, Virginia.  Many moons ago, the Blandy family gifted the state of Virginia some land to be a boys school in agriculture.  Today it’s the Blandy Experimental Farm and state Arboretum.  Many moons ago, perhaps as many as the Blandy Farm land exchange, the Tuleyries Farm had the foresight to keep the house and land intact so that I could take this photo.  🙂


It’s a 1/125 a second at f/9, ISO 100.  I converted it to a black & white in Lightroom v.4 and did a little tweaking with exposure also.

A folly on the Tuleyries Farm, Winchester, Virginia. Taken in Spring, 2013.


  1. Even many more moons ago, near the end of the Civil War, a young girl lived there, and received news that General Sherman was approaching.

    Terrified, she hid behind the library doors with her most precious possessions–her favorite books–when the Yankees came to burn the plantations during Sherman’s famous march to the sea.

    The house was not burned, however, because there was a round stained glass window depicting a United States flag on one of the stair landings and the officer sent to burn the mansion said, “I will not burn the United States flag.” The mansion thus avoided becoming one of the blackened chimneys known as “Sherman’s monuments.”

    (This story is family legend, as the girl was my great-grandmother.)

  2. Cool story! I just happened upon this amazing house last weekend, while visiting Blandy to see the gingko grove – 100’s of gingkos resplendent in fall yellow. Fabulous place to visit this time of year.


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