Emily’s Winter Senior Session!

Emily is a Senior at Bethel High School, in Tipp City, Ohio.  She plans on being a game designer and has the smarts to do it.  We got a rare, sunny day a few weeks ago and went to the Hayner Cultural Center, in Troy, Ohio for her photos.  The Hayner is a treasure for a photographer–it’s got tons of window light, great places to pose and a really nice garden and verandas.  There wasn’t snow on the ground but it was about 10° outside, so a warm and sunny place to photograph was ideal.Yah, what are you looking at?

We went from room to room and setup multiple lights and poses.  Linnea was again with me so that made it easy to shoot and setup while she was working with Emily.Now in black and white Hanging out at the Hayner Pensive Emily

At the very end Emily said, hey I have this red dress and can we try it?  I am so glad she suggested it!  This windowsill upstairs was a brilliant white and the red dress really popped on that monochrome background.Little red dress Someone is not showing up in the mirror Sunshine in the winter is wonderful Boots, cause you gotta have 'em Congratulations on your Senior year Emily!  Enjoy it and your summer off before college!Emily looks nonplussed

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