Hi there!

We’re Gene and Linnea Simonalle and we want to tell your story.  We’ve traveled the world while serving in the US Air Force and settled in Ohio.  We would love to get to know you, find out what makes you who you are and tell your story in pictures that are candid and creative.

A great picture tells a great story.  Maybe yours is a love story or a story of struggle and triumph.  We aim to tell your story, not ours, so we will get to know you and work together to get it.

We have had the privilege to travel across a lot of this little blue planet and see a whole bunch of it.  Sometimes we had a camera with us and sometimes only our memories hold the images we saw.  We would be thrilled to go with you, wherever you need us, to get your memories in print.

Please call, write or even send a letter to see how we can make your story come to life and preserve a snapshot of today for tomorrow.