A little audio/video work on the side

Today I spent the afternoon installing an above mantel television for Linnea’s folks.  They upgraded to a 46″ LED TV and wanted it above the mantel of their fireplace.  I looked at drilling in the masonry and went “ugh” at that idea.  Since their mantel is wood and solidly installed, I decided on a pole-mount attached to a 24″ pipe that is threaded into a flange screwed to the mantel.  Here’s some shots of the completed install.




Above is the side view of the pole mount.  That’s a Chief display mount kit in there.  I love their stuff.  While it’s expensive, the quality and the ease of installation makes it SO worth it!  You will never regret buying a Chief installation kit, I can assure you.  I’ve used them for projector mounts, televisions, monitors and displays.  Quality, American made gear.


Below is the finished project.  Slick, floating look that works really, really well.



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